WinCast® expert is an experiment-based software for the simulation and optimization of the casting process design. The core includes a finite volume method-based mold filling and solidification simulation modules, a module of casting process design (riser and gating system), a product optimization and stress analysis module based on finite element method and a module for predicting the phase change of the product’s micro structure due to heat treatment. In addition, the software also includes the whole pre- and post-processing module like mesh and VTK display.

With numerical simulations, WinCast® expert can show and display the mould filling and solidification process of liquid metal to determine the location of shrinkage defects. WinCast® expert is not just a visual casting process simulation software, it is also an casting process optimization design system, it is a combination of many years of practical experience in thermal processing of metals. Based on a single casting system (no riser and gating system), by using the module of riser and gating system, we can realize the optimization of casting process and obtain a whole casting process design planning. This will shorten the new product, new mould design time, greatly enhance the probability of success casting.The gating system and riser modules included in the software and user-friendly interface will allow you to get start very quickly and to easily make the best optimization plan. Whether it is product design, process formulation or quality control of the final product, WinCast® expert can always provide you with comprehensive help and fast, accurate results, it is the best choice that help you to reduce costs and improve product quality.

With WinCast® expert all common casting processes can be simulated:

Sand casting
Die casting
Investment casting
Chill casting
Low pressure casting
Centrifugal casting
Continuous casting
Heat treatment
Special processes