RWP Analytics

Process transparency, defect prediction and optimization are the goals that RWP brings to foundries with the help of the Industry 4.0 approach. Currently, foundries (casting manufacturers) are challenged by cost pressure, the pursuit of zero defect targets, material substitution, 3D printing, e-mobility and much more. Big Data and digitisation will change the way industrial manufacturing companies plan, operate, control and optimise their production process. It is important that the foundry uses the Industry 4.0 Framework to control ongoing production in real time, detect defects in advance, and meet customer requirements as a prerequisite to compete in the marketplace.

RWP builds internal Industry 4.0 for your production which includes

  • Creation of a traceable production
  • Digitalisation and process data collection and preparation
  • Data analysis and process modelling
  • Model validation
  • Creation of field control loops