Our research and development are requirement-driven and innovation-oriented. The focus is on innovation by simulation, experimentation, inspection, evaluation and the implementation of your new ideas. For instance, we support you in new product and process development, new material and its production capabilities. Depending on your needs and market demands we provide you wide range of research and development service including:

– Engineering and prototyping
– Properties prediction of new materials
– New component development
– Analysis and optimization of existing components
– Design of experiment
– Projects on customer request

We developed and deliver several new technologies which can be applied on your casting products and processes. They are ready to be transferred to your place locally and globally. At least 30% cost reduction was realized already by using our technologies. The main objectives are:

– Reducing production cost
– Shortening processing time
– Increasing productivity
– Increasing product properties
– Improving logistics
– Etc.

Current research projects


Innovative LNG aircraft engine
Project partners: RWP GmbH  ·  ECC Automotive  ·  University of Siegen



Development of a measuring device for the production-related determination of material properties relevant to casting technology for numerical simulation
Project partners: RWP GmbH  ·  Metall Giesserei Stauss  ·  IDECO  ·  Fachhochschule Südwestfalen



(Thin Wall Inoculation Spray)

Development of a novel process / material combination for the production of particularly thin-walled cast iron components with spheroidal graphite
Project partners: RWP GmbH  ·  Grunewald  ·  RWTH Aachen University



New approaches for the highly efficient cooling of electric drives
Project partners: RWP GmbH  ·  MH Technologies lnc  ·  Schaufler Tooling GmbH & Co KG   ·  Fraunhofer IFAM